What is this blog for ?

If you have already experienced how difficult “buying the lows and selling the highs” is – welcome!

You aren’t alone. It’s difficult for everyone. The author is addressing this and some other aspects of investing/trading.

This blog is written in an attempt to bring some cool reflective energy into the world of crypto trading. The bigger work is done on the santiment.net platform. Where we also have more money oriented approach.

Here, however, it was, is and will always stay for free. Use it for educational or recreational (kidding) purposes. Though sometime it might look like, but the articles here are not the trading advices.

Beside, you should also be aware that is very easy to lose everything in trading. Especially in crypto trading. High potential reward always come with high risk.

Please, be clear on that.

The information here is given in a special manner. This comes from the authors background. On one side, more than 10 years experience in the financial market analysis, based on Elliott Waves theory, sentiment and pattern recognition. On the other side, it’s over 10 years of Yoga practice too. That makes the intention and the way (or style) of delivery quite special and unique.

This blog will give you the following:

  • Regular (several times a week, in rare quiet market situations once per week) the precise picture of what is going on in the most important cryptomarkets. The author personally likes ETH (Ethereum) but we regularly talk about BTC (Bitcoin) and sometimes about the minor coins too.
  • Insights into the Elliott Waves and market sentiment. You will be able to learn something new and use it for your own market analysis.
  • Ask anything in the comments. You will get an answer in a timely manner

To give an example…Just read the analysis at end of Mai for BTC to rise and ETH to drop. Everyone was scared of buying the Bitcoin. But not the author and the readers of this blog. Right before BTC started to rise from 460 $ to 780 $.

Or check how we predicted the last nasty drop in BTC, way before the Bitfinex hack happened. This is the real power on Elliott Waves analysis. When you are able to identify the clear 5 waves, you can make the decisions before the crowd is even considering to make a move.

And about ETH.. Well, there have been so many updates, sometimes we are even talking about the smaller time scales (like 15 min. chart). It’s good and interesting for learning purposes.

So.. May be just try. Subscribe to this blog. Your address will never will be used for anything but just notifying that the new post has been published.

In you wish, you can donate to the following ETH address -> 0xF5977416174432AF3970cB258F67Ed80716bF24C

But, really, the purpose of this blog isn’t to earn money from the donations.

P.S. You can read the previous version of the introduction here.

Author: Ravno_108

Sentiment wave rider. Product creator. Yogi

5 thoughts on “What is this blog for ?”

  1. Great resource and alternative perspective. Keep up the great work. If this upcoming moves pays off – I’ll be happily donating a good amount of ETH


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