After the fork. The final part

As William Shakespeare famously said: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Here is the stage.

We are in the cryptoland. The wild-west time is going slowly to the end. The world is changing. Few realize it yet. The rule of a gun isn’t working so perfectly anymore. The low of humans morality as the basis for building a viable communities starts coming into the stage…

And here are our three main players.

The good,

The weird,

And the aging

We are free to join any party. But may be for a moment, lets sit in a back row and just observe. Though no whisky is served but some tasty tea is already on the table.

The aging guy… Unable to change or adjust himself to what the citizens of the cryptoland have demanded from him for several years, he is considered to be too old now by many. He knows he needs to change. But he can’t. Still, being supported by quite some wealthy people (they got money because of him), he still enjoys some level of respect and support.

Yet, it’s getting harder to control the landscape since the last few years. More and more of younger citizens are pouring into the cryptoland. Some of them are pretty active and succesful, taking away piece by piece the business of the aging guy. Especially one of them..

Our good guy.

He actually has no intention to fight. His internal drive is coming from belief that he can open the gates of the cryptoland toward the normal humans. They are waiting namely outside. Mostly still unaware what is going on here. And they are waiting for this place to become a more secure and a safer area to stay.

And here comes the weird guy. Actually he exists only because of the good one. But with his fanatic belief that he knows the “Truth”, the weird guy wants to fight for his “Truth”. He places “the code is the low” on the banner and is trying to fight against the good guy. What he doesn’t know, however, is that he is manipulated by the aging guy. The weird one is sponsored and secretly supported. Not being able to fight directly against the good guy anymore, he (the aging) grasps to his last chance and is trying very hard to push the weird against the good one.

What the aging guy didn’t calculate though… The weird guy is much weaker than the good one (finally, he is just an old version of the good guy) and he can’t actually win the fight. Our weird guy starts realizing slowly.. On the other side, even being a pale copy of a good guy, he is still technically much better than the aging guy. So may be he can start and win another fight? The fight against the aging guy, his hidden supporter and manipulator.

So here we are, in the last row, and the final shoot-out is about to begin.

Decide, which party you want to join.

You might want to check this chart

And also enjoy the “finale” of “the good, the bad and the ugly

Author: Ravno_108

Sentiment wave rider. Product creator. Yogi

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