The yogic view

As long as Bitcoin is in the process of building the next 5 waves down (discussed here and here), let us talk more about the deep background in Ethereum.

For this the author wants to share with you “the yogic view”. There will be a bit more words today. We need them to give a context. At some point we will come directly to what author thinks is going on in Ethereum right now.

We have in yoga the final goal of liberation. The mostly known description from Buddhism is “to be free of suffering”. In Yoga (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) it is said “To reach the state where the mind is absolutely quiet”. Combine both, put it into the modern time and you will get something like”get rid of the stress”.

It means, basically, yogi has no interest for anything but only for the way which leads to the elimination of the stress. But how and where this stress is coming from?

If we look and check carefully, we will see that the stress is somehow always coming from inside. Yes, there seem to be events outside, which can be considered stressful at the first sight. However, the stress itself is always our internal reaction to the events outside. Check further and we will see that what we feel as the stress is simply a sign that we need to change something, transform from where we are right now to where we should be. Sometimes it’s enough just to understand something and then the transformation is done. Sometimes quite intensive work has to be done. Either way, as soon as the “stress” is recognised as it is, namely as the source of energy for transformation, it becomes productive and creative. As long as ones denies it, he feels pain. The energy is blocked and can even become destructive. Destructive internal (then we develop diseases) or/and external, where we harm other humans.

If we combine it with another ancient wisdom, then the whole situation will look like this.

  1. everything in the world keeps changing
  2. the attachment to the current state (or resistance to the change) is the root cause for the painful experiences
  3. we have no control over what is going to happen the next second

The deeper we understand these 3 point above, the more clear we can see the world as it is.

We will see it with quiet mind and therefore as objective as possible. With much less fear, doubts and delusions. We will accept any changes and also not blame anyone for these constantly coming changes. It might be difficult at the beginning to accept it, but there is no one to blame.

Now let us look at the Ethereum.

Ethereum is in the biggest transformation since the inception right now. It wasn’t planned by anyone. Because these changes are unexpected and are so deep, they are also quite painful.

What is this transformation?

It is well-known that we want to transit to PoS (proof-of-stake). However, the platform and community weren’t ready to deal with the situation where the tokens are simply stolen and malicious participant could suddenly gain (partial) control over the network. The author sees that the main reason for “the DAO” to appear and then to die was to push Ethereum in the direction of how to deal with this situation. No one really thought about it before. Now it’s “suddenly” the main concern of many. As the result, the community is looking for a way how to deal with the ever-possible theft.

As a side-note. Though crucial for PoS and Ethereum it wasn’t (and still isn’t today) that important for Bitcoin and its PoW (proof of work). The thief gets no control over the network through the theft. The tokens simply give no power over the network in PoW.

Ok. Back to Ethereum.

The community is looking now for a way how to deal with the current (highest priority) and the future thefts (the next priority). This next priority is “next” only in terms of time but not in importance. Any code can and will have from time to time some bugs. It’s the nature of software or better to say humans who write the code. It’s also the nature of some humans to steal from others. So we need to find out how to deal with future thefts too.

Otherwise no chance we can convince the Joe Doe to start using our beloved Ethereum. Everyone looks for security. We need a way to provide it and protect our future users.

Yes, pain is strong now, but it will eventually change. Nothing stays for ever.

There are, however, many good news in the current situation. First, we need “just” to understand and accept that this transformation was really needed. The author would show the gratitude first to the Slock.It and then even to the thief. They both allowed us to face the problem in a way that we can’t simply ignore it or put behind in a priority list. Second, after this acceptance is done, we can focus on the creative part of the job.

We have basically this problem: How are we going to deal with the future potential thefts?

Whatever the solution will be, the search for it is purely creative work and is mostly joyful.

So may we leave the pain behind us and start enjoying the creativity again.

As for the author and his investment attitude to ETH. As long as he believes that the Ethereum community is able to walk this path of transformation, there is no other expectation as “ETH price will rise and then explode”.

Have a good, stress-free time.

Author: Ravno_108

Sentiment wave rider. Product creator. Yogi

6 thoughts on “The yogic view”

  1. Thank you for positive words and thoughts in such moment 🙂

    I have tried to change my strategy this time. Instead of selling as price moves down I have created a lot of small buy limit orders so as price moves down the more ether I was buying. Let’s see how this works out 🙂


    1. This works for me: selling into strength — ideally into ATH’s, and keeping some powder dry just in case it drops more (don’t buy back to quickly as the selling pressure may last and take it lower). Sentiment is very negative now, so hopefully we have seen the worst.


      1. If only it would be so easy to spot ATH 🙂 During that rise which started at the middle of May I thought many times “this must be ATH”, but it kept climbing higher and higher.


        1. Earlier run-ups were even crazier (in %), runup from $1 to $6 and $3.5 to $15. I didn’t sell much at the time (fomo) and then the 40-50% pull-backs were very uncomfortable. It looks like the ‘easy returns’ (just up 500% with no corrections) are in the past, so I have gotten more aggressive in selling/taking profits (to buy back at lows, like these days).
          Future ATH’s are difficult to spot, but new ATHs are easy to spot (just visit the ethtrader reddit) 🙂 So whenever eth will go above previous ath, I’ll be selling portions (and whenever it seems to lose steam, by the way), and of course when Elliot Waves are clear. Trying to catch some returns with sideways moves.


    1. Yes, great read.. I also noticed today several interesting posts on reddit, where ther future solutuions or at least great improvements to the security are introduced.
      First, the new documentation and tutorials about how to write secure Dapps.
      Second, a guy, giving some bounty for hacking his smart contract.

      I like these movements, they both are clearly beneficial.


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