BTC is playing big role again

As said in the last post, the author can not post charts at the moment. But text is possible still.

It looks like BTC is finishing 5 waves down. So very likely the trend has changed. Some correction up is expected. When this correction  is close to the end, we will see the optimism again.

Talking about the optimism. There is enough of it in ETH at the moment. After may be one more rise the decline should start.

Pity, the author can’t post the charts, but if you check the decline in ETHBTC from 0.034 it’s easy to recognise three waves down. According to Elliott  Waves, it’s  a correction.  Based on the depth of pessimism few days ago (finally we even saw the words about the death of Ethereum, which is for every Elliott Waves practitioner the best sign to buy) that was the end of correction. The rise (and decline) is never the move only in one direction. So the author would expect some move down and bad news for (most probably) DAO. But generally the rise should continue.

Indeed, what we experience now, is the ride full of surprises.

Enjoy it, as long as you are on the right side. Take care not to get to the wrong one.

Author: Ravno_108

Sentiment wave rider. Product creator. Yogi

6 thoughts on “BTC is playing big role again”

  1. There is no timestamp for you blog post – just the date. This makes it difficult to interpret. Particularly when you day “one more rise”. So, i now don’t know if this “one more rise” you speak of it the one that has happened today already, or one that has yet to occur.


  2. The btc selloff is very amazing — makes sense this reverses. I see the ethbtc waves from 0.03400 to 0.01240, very nice indeed! Do you expect a ‘modest’ decline for ethbtc before it continues up, or would it all depend on how sentiment develops? Thanks! Maybe in your next post or somewhere on this website you could put an ETH address for donations to help replace your mac.


    1. Got my Mac from repairment, wasn’t that expensive. But anyway I’ve created the new ETH address for “donations”. 0xF5977416174432AF3970cB258F67Ed80716bF24C
      I also updated the “introduction” page to show it. Thanks for the idea!


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