Short notice

Dear readers, the author is preparing bigger post, cause so many things happened since the last update.

Just in case you wonder: “holly caw, is the author now dropping all his ETHs cause we have (or I read about it everywhere) severe problems?”. No, the author isn’t selling his stake in ETH. Even though it looks like we could get one more wave of correction down (40 % possibility), the basic Elliott Wave structure is still the same as we discussed during the last updates.

Stay tuned, as soon as the author is back home in the evening, many charts will follow.

Author: Ravno_108

Sentiment wave rider. Product creator. Yogi

3 thoughts on “Short notice”

  1. It turns out that the ‘low-risk’ DAO arbitrage wasn’t so low-risk after all! I ended up buying more DAO this morning ‘hoping’ the issue will be resolved. In any case, looking forward to your post later today, thanks!


  2. Cool… yeah during this past week-ish I’ve just been sitting and holding. Enjoyed watching the run-up but no buying, selling, or worrying. Figured there would be a correction sometime, just not this DAO issue. But am kind of glad to see prices slide a bit as I’ve been getting tired of resisting the FOMO, waiting to increase my stash!

    Thanks much for the update, looking forward to next post.


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