The purpose of this blog and how to get most of it

If you are a trader in Ethereum (ETH) universe and want to know more about the Elliott Waves (or have an additional view to your own analysis), then you are 100% right here. In almost every post the author will be talking about ETH and will be giving cryptomarket analysis, using the Elliott Waves theory.

If your time horizon is long-term (more investment like), then you are also in the right place here. In case you aren’t much into Elliott Waves, it can happen that the charts and words will be a bit too much at the beginning (though the author tries to keep the posts short and simple). But try to stay at least for some time.

Just to give one example what Elliott Waves allow to predict, look at this chart:ETHBTC-ShortTerm

Using this simple chart, the author was able to call the bottom at 0.015 in the end of April (you can read more about it here, here and finally here), exactly at the moment when almost no one wanted to buy ETH. The Elliott Waves pattern was clear enough to warn of a pending turn down at 0.03370 in Mai. Moreover, the last rise of the Bitcoin was also recognised and timely passed to the subscribers right before the advance started (you can read it here and here). May be after seeing this power of Elliott Waves, you will eventually desire to know more about this deep way of seeing the markets.

As at the moment of writing the author also believes that the good crypto portfolio should include both, BTC and ETH. It is just the proportion between these two which should be regularly adjusted. It can happen that some other “asset” will be included.

How to read this blog?

Firstly, don’t really take words here as a trading/investing advice.
Rather consider everything you read here as a learning room for you. Author tries to keep the space for learning open and full of interesting insights.

Secondly, at any time you can leave a comment to any post, the author normally answers everyone.

Also feel free to subscribe to this blog. So you can always get the latest update on time. The subscribe button is (at the moment of writing) on the right side, close to the published above chart.

Finally, if you have a strong wish to send some ETH to the author, you can use this address -> 0xF5977416174432AF3970cB258F67Ed80716bF24C

Let us together grow the crypto universe (and the fairness + transparency it brings with it) by investing wisely into our future.

Author: Ravno_108

Sentiment wave rider. Product creator. Yogi

4 thoughts on “The purpose of this blog and how to get most of it”

  1. Maybe a bit ‘boring’ as an investment opportunity. But DAO tokens are trading at a discount of about 9% at Polo, and 6% at Kraken (DAO-ETH is ETH 0.00923, whereas it was ‘issued’ at 0.01, 100 DAO for 1 ETH). Can we interpret this as selling pressure? DAO holders so eager to get out of ETH that they sell at a firm discount? (Once you have the DAO tokens you should be able to convert back to ETH at 1 to 100 in about 48 days, at least, if all that stuff works.) Would be interesting to see if this discount widens or not the coming days.


      1. Yes, I am also watching it closely the last few days. I guess the ones who want to participate in BTC rise are ready to pay this premuim.
        It means they beleive in the next weeks the ETHBTC won’t rise.


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