Don’t get too excited if we break up

Just a short reminder. If we break the last top at 0.02340, stay cool.

We will need to look closely at the price pattern.

As per our main count we are in the final minor wave 5.

We expect the sentiment will become very bullish. Though at the same time some divergence on the chart should become visible, as it is typical for the wave 5.

If, however, we see some concerns (small wall of worry) like we started noticing lately. Some traders are asking, for instance, what will happen when “the DAO” will get funded? Will the ETHBTC will drop, because the DAO will need to dump/sell some of the tokens for start working on the proposals?

If we see this and may be some others concerns, we could change our opinion.

The presence of some kind of “the wall of worry” is almost always a sign for the rise to continue.

So, friends, stay cool and observe what will be happening.

In case some of you see something interesting regarding the current sentiment in Ethereum, the author will be glad to get a short link.

Enjoy the summer (unless you are on a polar expedition, but then why should you care about the Ethereum?). We have the amazing days here in the old Europe landscape.

Author: Ravno_108

Sentiment wave rider. Product creator. Yogi

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