ETH is in a shadow of BTC

At least for the moment.

After the Bitcoin broke up to what could be the final 5-th wave of its advance:BTCUSDMidTermthere is a little chance we would see a big advance in ETHBTC.

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The purpose of this blog and how to get most of it

If you are a trader in Ethereum (ETH) universe and want to know more about the Elliott Waves (or have an additional view to your own analysis), then you are 100% right here. In almost every post the author will be talking about ETH and will be giving cryptomarket analysis, using the Elliott Waves theory.

If your time horizon is long-term (more investment like), then you are also in the right place here. In case you aren’t much into Elliott Waves, it can happen that the charts and words will be a bit too much at the beginning (though the author tries to keep the posts short and simple). But try to stay at least for some time.

Just to give one example what Elliott Waves allow to predict, look at this chart:ETHBTC-ShortTerm

Using this simple chart, the author was able to call the bottom at 0.015 in the end of April (you can read more about it here, here and finally here), exactly at the moment when almost no one wanted to buy ETH. The Elliott Waves pattern was clear enough to warn of a pending turn down at 0.03370 in Mai. Moreover, the last rise of the Bitcoin was also recognised and timely passed to the subscribers right before the advance started (you can read it here and here). May be after seeing this power of Elliott Waves, you will eventually desire to know more about this deep way of seeing the markets.

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Back to ETH and “the DAO”

But before we continue with announced topic, let us draw a temporary line for Bitcoin. As expected and predicted one week ago, it has risen and did it in a nice way. Is this rise over? The author doesn’t think so. The BTC should keep rising. Will we post updates here on this topic? Yes, we will. But not now.

Tha aim of this blog was and still is mainly the Ethreum. And started from today we will need to take care of “the DAO” too, as several exchanges opened the gates for trading DAO directly against tha BTC (poloniex) and also (in case of kraken) against the fiat money. The other exchanges will follow at some point of time too.

So the author thinks there will be a lot of action and, respectively, Elliott Waves.

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Let’s try to be as objective as possible

The author was watching the charts very closely the last days. On a screen and also in his mind.

Mainly because of his call for BTC to rise, the short-term picture for ETH wasn’t rosy. That’s why to say yesterday that the new low on ETH is very likely was relatively easy call. But where do we now? Will ETH start rising from the current level? Will we get to the new ATH?

For these questions to be answered the author asked for some time to go through deep meditations. Meditation is the best way to be as objective as possible.

And here what the author has to share now.

Basically we can see two possible counts:

The first:ETHBTCMidTerm

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Bitcoin is rising, what happens to ETH?

As the readers of this blog know, the author has been following BTC for some time. Main reason was.. well, actually there were two reasons: the Elliott Waves pattern and sentiment. The sentiment was way tooo negative, as it was written, for instance, in this post. The pattern, however, didn’t seem to be completed. But that has changed.

This is how BTCUSD looks now:BTCUSDMidTerm

The author expects quite steady rise for BTC in the next weeks.

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The moment of truth. Episode 2

On one side, market did what the author mentioned in the previous post as the levels to be watched: below the level 0.02970 with increasing volume towards 0.027. That’s why he writes an update.

On the other side, even though the author spend almost the whole evening watching the market, the price structure, pattern and sentiment still give us the room for both: bearish and bullish outcome.

This is the Elliott Waves structure which would fit into the final wave 4 (discussed during the last posts):ETHBTCShort-2

To keep it possible, the market can’t go lower 0.02660.

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The moment of truth

The ETH either should start rising from around the current level (one more last drop below 0.02950 is still ok) or we will have to reconsider the count we have followed (and turn as expected bearish but a bit earlier then we wanted):ETHBTCMidTerm

If the rise for the final wave 5 won’t start now, the shape and time for the wave 4 (green) will start becoming more and more uncomfortable.

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