Let the DAO begin

There are two news.

One news is also the reason why we write this update. The mentioned in the last post level 0.018 got broken. Though it took a bit more than expected 12 hours, the volume is exactly as strong as we wanted to see it. Which gives us a strong support for our prefered Elliott Waves count. We will post chart down on the page.

Another news is even bigger. The long-awaited “The DAO” creation started. I’m sure most of you know about it or already invested in it, but for those who aren’t.


The idea behind is indeed revolutionary. To our knowledge it has never happened before that the organisation was funded in such a transparent and decentralized way. For investors it has two possible outcomes: the value of “the DAO” token could grow exponential (and bring huge returns) or the whole idea could fail spectacular. Time will tell which one is for real. But having said that, the writer of this update has also invested some ETH-er into “the DAO”.

Now, back to some charts..

That is the one from yesterday:ETHBTC-ShortTerm

And today we adjusted some goals:ETHBTC-ShortTerm

Our next steps?

Under the current Elliott Waves count the ETHBTC has nothing to do below 0.01710. If it does go below this level we will need to reconsider the count.

So, if the mentioned area 0.01710-0.01720 got broken on the way down.

Or if we see a finished Eliott Waves pattern on the way up.

We will post an update.

Otherwise, expect for our update on Monday.

By the way, you can also easily subscribe to our blog (the button is somewhere on the right side) and get notifications every time we post an update. But it’s up to you.

Take care and enjoy the weekend.

The Elliott Wave Principle describes the behaviour of the financial markets. This Principle is build on the mass psychology swings from pessimism to optimism and back in a natural sequence. When these swings happen, the specific Elliott wave patterns in price movements are created and become visible. Each pattern has implications regarding the position of the market within its overall progression, past, present and future.
The purpose of our blog posts is to outline the progress of markets in terms of the Elliott Wave Principle.
While a course of conduct regarding investments can be formulated from such application of the Wave Principle, at no time will my posts make specific recommendations for any specific person, and at no time may a reader or viewer be justified in inferring that any such advice is intended.
Very important. Investing carries risk of losses. You should be aware of all the risks associated with investing/trading financial instruments. Information provided in this blog is expressed in good faith, but it is not guaranteed.
The market service that never makes mistakes does not exist. Long-term success trading or investing in the markets demands recognition of the fact that error and uncertainty are part of any effort to assess future probabilities.
This blog and the information provided here should not be relied upon as a substitute for extensive independent research before making your investment decisions.
In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage on your account in connection with the use of our publications.

Author: Ravno_108

Sentiment wave rider. Product creator. Yogi

2 thoughts on “Let the DAO begin”

  1. Thanks, great calls you have made again! I’m passing on TheDAO. Too much hyped for my liking, and the no-cap makes me nervous :). But then, who knows. Plutus DAO can be interesting as well, but also there no cap.


  2. Yes, I don’t expect much too from my investments into DAO. But I feel like I must invest, the idea and vision are great, so need to support it. It will develop over time to something really great I believe.


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