The sentiment is getting ripe

That is not a usual update (with some charts and plenty of text).

Instead, we noticed how almost one-sided sentiment is getting on ETHBTC. We still have long-term believers for ETH but the amount of pessimist is growing rapidly. As we see more and more often the estimation of ETHBTC going far lower (they say at least “0.01”), we know we are close to the turn. It is now somehow almost a “known” fact that the drop further to at least 0.013 is “sure”.

Well, there is no “sure” things in finances.

Everything is just probability.

And we can be wrong too. But we feel that probability for a turn is getting stronger than for a fall to 0.01.

Meanwhile, we are watching the price action very closely and will publish tomorrow the usual detailed post with several charts.

Take care.

Author: Ravno_108

Sentiment wave rider. Product creator. Yogi

5 thoughts on “The sentiment is getting ripe”

  1. Losing money is sooo depressing! I am only glancing over the daily thread, but thought I would stop by here to say hi! Thursday evening DGD starts trading so hopefully there is some good action there!


    1. Yes, understand.. This is how “riping sentiment” feels. The good news, it will change after some time when the trend will change too. Not so good news is that for the moment neither you nor anyone else can control these emotions (depression). This is the constant part of the investment game..


  2. Thanks 🙂 — Good call by the way; it corrected somewhat, for now at least. I’ll know more after reading your next post 🙂


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